People who have received an inheritance

Helping you make the best use of your wealth.

If you’ve recently been gifted or inherited a sum of money, you might be unsure of how best to utilise it or what steps you should be taking. We can help you understand your options and ensure your wealth is working as hard as possible in line with your goals.

With a tailored financial plan, we’ll help you gain a broad view of your financial situation and how your inheritance can be used to further it. Whether you’ve defined objectives already or require some extra guidance, we’ll be here to support you.

How we help


Managing your inheritance

Together we’ll help create a strategy for effectively managing and using your inheritance, ensuring it aligns with your objectives and circumstances.



We’ll help you select appropriate investments for your needs, taking into consideration your risk profile and what you’re looking to achieve.


Tax efficiency

We’ll ensure that your inheritance is set to make use of any available tax allowances and that you’re able to access it in a tax-efficient way.


Estate planning

If you’d like to be able to pass on some of your inheritance as part of your estate, we can help you plan for this.


Long-term goals

We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to not only establish long-term financial goals but ensure you’re on track to achieve them.



In a rapidly changing market, we keep a vigilant eye on the impact of any change and give you the guidance you need to respond appropriately.

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