Staff challenge raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support

March is always a challenging month in financial services as the end of the tax year looms and our teams work tirelessly to do everything they can to make sure our clients have maximised their annual allowances before they lose them. March 2021 had some greater challenges than usual, too, with around 90% of the company still working from home as the third lockdown dragged on.

Throughout the pandemic, the health and wellbeing of our staff has been one of our main priorities. As we came out of Christmas, we wanted to support our teams through the end of winter and into the home stretch of the current lockdown.

During March we challenged our staff to complete 30 days of activities focussing on their physical and mental health and wellbeing. For each daily challenge that staff completed, Gibbs Denley then donated £1 to our current Charity of the Year, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The challenge was run for us by health, fitness and wellness instructor, Lorraine Thompson of Saffron Walden Fitness, who gave us 30 daily challenges encouraging us to be more active, to look after our mental health, and to change how we think about our own wellbeing. This included 3 short workouts a week, ideas for healthy breakfasts, self-care Saturdays, meditation and mindfulness, reducing caffeine and increasing the amount of water we drink.

We are absolutely delighted to say that we raised a massive £355 for Macmillan – enough to pay for over 10 hours of Macmillan nursing care.

“It’s great to see so many positive comments and it’s clear we’ve all found some new things to enjoy and importantly self-care is something that we should all do and not feel guilty about,” says Lee Armstrong, Associate Director. “A big well done to our team for both rising to the challenge and raising so much money for Macmillan.”

Gibbs Denley 30 Day Challenge Fundraiser

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