Sponsorship Highlight: Shelford Rugby Club

Gibbs Denley Financial Services are proud partners of Shelford Rugby Club and we are extremely pleased to be able to support them and all the great work they’ve been doing during these turbulent times.

Shelford Rugby Club pride themselves on being a true community club, offering enjoyment, development and welfare to their members, supporters and the wider community. They’ve certainly proven this over the past year, in which time they’ve worked tirelessly to enrich the lives of so many people. From the moment the UK entered lockdown on 23rd March last year, Shelford decided that they would do whatever it takes to keep people engaged, healthy and supported. In the time that has passed since then, they’ve embarked on all number of initiatives including a marathon around the outskirts of Cambridge, an NHS fundraiser rugby kit design competition, socially-distanced and covid-safe rugby tournaments and even the provision of a support network that gives the community a social outlet, recreational pursuits and help with essentials.

The work they’ve been doing has been so critical and will no doubt have meant a great deal to so many people, we are simply glad that we’ve been able to support Shelford Rugby Club in their mission to serve their community. Speaking about Gibbs Denley’s support Shelford’s Commercial Manager, Louis Mann said:

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve been doing over the last year. It hasn’t been easy but we knew from the outset it was going to be worthwhile. The continued support we’ve received from long-standing partners such as Gibbs Denley Financial Services has been vital, without it we would never have been able to operate in the way we have and positively affect the lives of so many. Gibbs Denley have been partners of the club for many years now and its really reassuring to see businesses that clearly want to make an impact within their community.”

It has been a pleasure to support Shelford Rugby Club and we look forward to the day we can re-join them at The Davey Field once again.

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