Important Information Regarding Standard Life (abrdn) Platform

Abrdn (formerly Standard Life) are making a significant upgrade to their platform as part of their rebrand from Standard Life. The upgrade work starts on Thursday 26th January 2023, and will affect both your and our access to the platform.

Please be aware that it will be unavailable for a number of days.

During this period:
• We will be unable to process any new instructions. This includes processing new withdrawals, performing fund switches or selling/buying funds.
• You will not be able to obtain a valuation via the Client Portal, or by contacting abrdn or Gibbs Denley.
Below you will find all the essential information you need to know, and the platform’s availability while the works are carried out:


Platform Availability: 



Wednesday 25th January 2023 Available all day
Thursday 26th January 2023 Available until 5:00pm
Friday 27th January 2023 Unavailable
Saturday 28th January 2023 Unavailable
Sunday 29th January 2023 Unavailable
Monday 30th January 2023 Unavailable
Tuesday 31st January 2023 Unavailable
Wednesday 1st February 2023 Available from 9:00am

Q: Will your regular withdrawal still be made?
A: Yes. If you have a regular withdrawal, or a new regular withdrawal which was requested before Thursday 26th January 2023, it will still pay to you on the expected payment date.

Q: Will your ad-hoc withdrawal, requested before 5:00pm Thursday 26th January 2023, still be paid on the expected date?
A: Yes. If you request an ad-hoc withdrawal prior to 5:00pm Thursday 26th January 2023, it will still be paid to you on the expected date.

Q: You are considering taking an ad-hoc withdrawal or beginning to take regular withdrawals, which may fall during the platform upgrade period.
A: We will need to process all requests before Thursday 26th January 2023 at 5:00pm. You must contact us before this if you would like your withdrawal actioned before the upgrade starts.

Q: What will happen if you wish to make any other changes to your investments during the platform upgrade period?
A: Unfortunately, we will be unable to process any changes to your investments during the platform upgrade. You should still contact us in the normal way during this period and we will process your request as soon as the platform is available on Wednesday 1st February 2023.

Q: When can I check my portfolio valuation?
A: By contacting us, or checking the Client Portal, before 5:00pm on Thursday 26th January 2023 and then again as soon as the platform is available on Wednesday 1st February 2023.

Please also note that our Investment Committee will be meeting during this period, to consider rebalancing the GDIM Investment Model Portfolios.

If the committee decide to make any changes to the Investment Model Portfolios, a rebalance will be carried out. This will stop any additional changes being made to your portfolio from 9:00am Wednesday 8th February 2023 until 9:00am on Thursday 16th February 2023 – including being able to process ad-hoc withdrawals or starting to take regular income. We will action any requests as soon as the rebalance settles.

We are still here to help you as usual, and if you have any questions, please do contact a member of our team.

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