Gibbs Denley Investment: Market Review & Outlook

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Stocks are looking positive towards the end of March as fears have abated following a volatile start to the quarter, which saw losses from the very first week. The early-year drama, which centred around oil, is still dictating the direction of stocks today but attention is turning to the UK’s EU referendum.  As we discuss in our latest Market Review and Outlook, we have much cause for concern regarding the potentially incalculable effects of leaving the European Union, many of which will be reacted upon by investors before they have materialised. However, opportunities are in evidence in lower valuations and we hope to capitalise on some of these over the coming months.

Read our Market Review and Outlook for an overview of the last 3 months and some of our thoughts for the next quarter:

Gibbs Denley Investment Market Review & Outlook – Issue 2 2016

Gibbs Denley Performance of Investment Models – Issue 2 2016

 Past performance should not be seen as a guide to future returns. Returns from investments of this type are not guaranteed. Capital can fall as well as rise.

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