GDIM Investment Market Review & Outlook | January 2021

Last year was a dramatic one in economic, social and political terms as the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. After a rocky start, investment markets defied all of this and we ended the year with significant positive returns.

2021 looks likely to be a year of rebuilding and recovery and, having digested the relative impacts of a new US President, a thin Brexit deal being signed as the UK left the EU, the effect that the pandemic is having on economies and the start of the new vaccines being administered, we are expecting the year ahead to be more positive.

While we are, as ever, aware of the unpredictability of the virus’s progress, we are continuing to move our portfolios toward a more optimistic position. However, we saw last year that taking a lower degree of risk in most of our portfolios, even when the outlook is bright, is a prudent way to invest and so we are not planning to change our approach too much at this time.

For further details, please read our full Investment Market Review and Outlook at the links below. Performance sheets look at our Whole of Market, Passive, and Ethical Investment Model Portfolios over the last five years.

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