Press Release: Gibbs Denley Offering Discretionary Fund Management

Gibbs Denley Directors

Since 2009 Gibbs Denley have managed a range of model investment portfolios that were developed in-house and designed to meet the varying needs of clients, according to their attitude to risk. These have previously only been available on an advisory basis, but they are now able to offer them on a discretionary basis. Gibbs Denley are delighted to be expanding their offering to clients and can confirm that this will be at no additional cost compared to the advisory service.

What does this mean for clients?
For funds held under Advisory Fund Management Gibbs Denley have to gain the permission of each client each time they wish to make a change to their model portfolio. Discretionary Fund Management allows them to make changes to the portfolio and then advise their clients later. Changes to a Discretionary Investment Model Portfolio can only be made within the parameters set out for that Model, ensuring that each model remains in line with its prescribed level of risk. For example, the Gibbs Denley Investment Committee may choose to change the funds within a model portfolio but they cannot make a change that would increase or decrease the level of overall risk for a given model portfolio beyond its set parameters.  

Advisory and Discretionary Models will both be available, with clients choosing the service that best suits their level of interest and involvement with funds.

What are the benefits of Discretionary Fund Management?
Under Discretionary Fund Management, Gibbs Denley will be able to implement their Investment Committee’s recommendations without any time delay, for all clients within a Model Investment Portfolio. This has the potential to minimise losses in the case of an unexpected downturn in the market, and also to take advantage of opportunities for increased gains when they occur.

For more information about Gibbs Denley’s model investment portfolios, please see their Market Review & Outlook, which is published quarterly.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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