Gibbs Denley announces plans to join Progeny

We are pleased to announce that Gibbs Denley will be joining Progeny.

As a business, we are very proud of what Gibbs Denley has achieved over the last 30+ years and joining Progeny is an exciting and positive move.

Our clients will continue to be looked after by their usual dedicated adviser and team, and receive the same high level of service they have become accustomed to.  Bringing our businesses together will, over time, enable us to provide a broader range of in-house services.

Progeny are an award-winning, innovative, independent Chartered Financial Planning business with offices across the UK. They are the first and only firm in the UK to bring together independent financial planning, asset management, tax, HR and private and corporate legal services.

Simon Rees, Managing Director, Gibbs Denley, said: “Over 30 years we have built a highly successful business by providing exceptional customer service and nurturing trusted, long-term relationships with our clients.

“In becoming part of Progeny we take a quantum leap in the services we provide to our clients, with financial planning, investment management, legal and tax specialists in house.

“We can keep striving to achieve ever-higher standards for our clients and now offer them easy access to a range of additional professional services to meet all their legal and financial needs.”

Neil Moles, CEO of Progeny, said: “A trusted, highly professional and ethical firm with great people: Gibbs Denley are an illustrious business.

“Naturally, we’re very happy that they have joined Progeny, bringing with them a stellar team, superlative standards and a connection with their communities that stretches back many decades.

“I look forward to what we can achieve together.” 


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