10 of the most popular toys on Santa’s list this Christmas

It’s the season for giving. If you’re buying Christmas presents for children this year, there are huge piles of toys to wade your way through. Whether you’re purchasing for your own children or not, it can be difficult to know what they really want, and which gifts will get used. If you need some inspiration, here are 10 of the toys that are set to appear on letters to Santa this year.

1. Scalextric Batman vs Superman

For young racers, Scalextric is a great option. The racing toy has featured on Christmas lists for decades and the new partnership with the Justice League means it’s ready to engage with a whole new generation. The track can be put together in multiple ways, providing numerous racecourses to navigate, including two loop-the-loops. With two cars racing, it’s a great way for children, and even adults, to play together with a bit of a competitive edge. The only question is, will you play as Batman or Superman?

2. My 1st Wooden Train Set

For younger children, this classic wooden train from John Lewis can help children explore their imagination without the flashing lights and noise that many modern toys boast. The set comes with a traditional jigsaw track, so children can build different shapes and it can be added to at a later date. It also comes with three carriages, a magnetic pulley to load items, and even a train conductor. The wooden components are sturdy and long-lasting, even when young children are exploring through play.

3. GraviTrax PRO Starter Set

GraviTrax is the latest version of the traditional marble run game. Suitable for children aged eight and up, it lets them build innovative tracks that can develop creativity and critical thinking. This starter pack comes with 149 elements, including walls, pillars, and balconies, which let children build their own vertical 3D structures. Other sets from GraviTrax can be combined to create even more elaborate designs. The packs come with blueprints to get the ball rolling, but there are hundreds of ways to put the components together.

4. PAW Patrol Mighty Lookout Tower

After the release of the PAW Patrol movie this year, it’s not surprising that Ryder and his crew of search and rescue dogs are popular this Christmas. The latest release, the Mighty Lookout Tower, stands at 2 and 3/4-feet tall, giving adventurers the perfect vantage point to look out across the bay. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, it is perfect for fans of the show, with space to store Mighty Pup vehicles and other figurines they may already have. The tower includes an elevator, zip line and even a working telescope to keep an eye out for trouble.

5. Toniebox

The Toniebox is an audio system for children. It’s a box with simple controls and no bright screens, which makes it perfect for story time. It’s designed for children to use independently from the age of three to immerse themselves in stories and audio adventures. Simply place a Tonie character on the speaker to play associated music and stories. Each box comes with an initial character, but there are more to collect. From Beethoven for Kids and classics like Robinson Crusoe to modern well-known characters like the Gruffalo and Disney’s Moana, there are plenty of stories to explore.

6. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Grow the Fun Garden Kitchen

For budding gardeners and chefs, this play garden kitchen will provide hours of entertainment. On one side there’s a home garden, and a kitchen on the other. Toddlers and young children can plant, pick, prepare, and serve their delicious creations to you. It’s a great way to introduce different foods and healthy eating, as well as learning more about colours, shapes, and more. There are more than 30 play pieces, including food, as well as colourful lights and music to keep children entertained as they go about their work.

7. Lego Elf Clubhouse

Lego is a brand that features on the Christmas list every year, and this year is no different. For 2021, one of the most popular sets has a very festive theme. The Elf Clubhouse is where Santa’s elves spend their time cooking waffles and wrapping presents. Of course, there’s a decorated Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and a sleigh too. It can be mixed with other Lego toys and sets to create an even bigger masterpiece or let a child’s imagination run wild.

8. Kaloo My First Doll

Kaloo dolls are the perfect first doll. They’re made from soft materials, so they’re suitable for any age. Whether they are being used to cuddle at night or play with during the day, they’re an excellent addition to toy boxes. There’s a range of different dolls to choose from, each with a unique look.

9. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Rising Cake Oven Playset

If, after watching the Great British Bake Off, you’ve got a young baker on your hands, this Play-Doh set could be perfect. As well as Play-Doh, it includes accessories like a mixing bowl, piping syringe, and decorating tools. It also comes with a play oven that lets you see the “cake dough” rising when you turn a handle. There are countless opportunities for children to create cakes and put their own stamp on their bakes.

10. SmartGame Squirrels Go Nuts!

This gift will provide hours of puzzles. Can you help the squirrels get ready for winter? This is a sliding game that has 60 challenges to test your skills. It’s a game that can help develop logic, problem-solving and planning skills. It guarantees plenty of fun and comes with a compact case, making it the ideal toy to take when travelling too.

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